Gidi Games is Released

Denvycom, a partner company we have worked with on many projects in the past has  just released Gidi Games.

Gidigames (beta) is a suite of simple (board) games that we’ve always played – and we’ve always loved! Version 1.1 contains the following interesting titles – with the African touch !


Some of the games in the suite include:

Lexis – an original concept local language learning game aimed at helping players learn new languagues. Current functionality includes a play mode that enables players learn youruba, ibo, hausa (or any other) words by slashing at the correct English translation of the highlighted words.

Puzzlemania – Remember the number slider puzzle we all played as kids? Puzzlemania brings back the exact same experience! Battle against time and with the least number of moves – in two non-trivial levels!
Tic-Tac-Toe – A.ka. X’s and O’s, Noughts and Crosses, Wick Wack Woe, Pencil and Paper game … We have played the game using different pseudonyms and loved it thoroughly! Now, you get to play exciting rounds of Tic-Tac-Toe on your device and see how fast you can win (and with the least number of moves!). Get your game on!

More hot titles and levels coming soon! Stay tuned, have fun and check the game out on Google Play

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